The  design and construction  technology of buildings has not  changed significantly during the last thousands of years except that computers have been  used for drafting and the subsequent visualization of the created object during the last years.  The application of Building Information Modeling technologies (BIM) is transforming this process fundamentally.

The use of BIM technologies challenges our perspective on the product of engineering work when  a building information model every element of which contains all necessary information about itself is created instead of  paper  architectural drawings and explanatory notes. In fact, we deal with a visualized and easily changeable database which gives the detailed understanding about correlations and ratios within the project. BIM technology is going to change our idea of many life processes as well as it has happened with other information technologies such as computers and cellular and Internet services.

The main problem of introduction  of Building Information Modeling technologies is ignorance of opportunities and areas where these technologies  could be applied. Software developers offer mostly local solutions and corporate CAD. Corporate Introduction of CAD systems and tools of BIM technology in   requires significant  institutional efforts, a lot of time and money.

There is a lack of models of really produced engineering equipment and constructions as elements of libraries for information modeling. It is difficult to bring together a group of remote  architects and designers for common project workspace. Many  design agencies  do not have an opportunity to develop all sections of industrial and energetic objects drafts in the absence of   profile specialists. The manufacturers of construction materials and engineering equipment spend a fortune on paper production catalogues.


In October 2015 BIM cloud platform of LLC “Alliance of Engineers and Designers” was launched. This is a complete solution for generating and managing informational model of construction objects throughout the life process of the object.

Enterprises and groups of specialists develop models of design in the protected virtual space applying  system templates, using numerous update libraries of engineering equipment, building elements and constructions.

In contrast to traditional drawing in the plane, BIM platform allows to represent  a 3D digital model of a building object like in «LEGO».

Engineering equipment,  building products and constructions are  digitised by orders of producers and they are available on the BIM-platform. Producers and suppliers  can receive marketing  information about  the use of their products.

You get all of this and much more for a low subscription fee: 

  • 80$ per month for the access of one specialist ;
  • 480$ per year for the digitisation and inclusion in the electronic library of one set of equipment or a product.


  • Time of designing reduces by approximately 40% ;
  • cost of design work reduces by approximately 25% ;
  • avoiding  time and organizational costs for introduction of corporate CAD system;
  • avoiding one-time costs on  server hardware and networking equipment as well as software;
  • absence of maintenance costs for office;
  • an opportunity for remote work of specialists from all over the world 24/7;
  • complete set of tools and services for generating and managing informational model of construction objects, engineering infrastructure objects and even cities;
  • simultaneous connection and work of all  investment process participants  with the information model;
  •  reduction in advertising for manufacturers, suppliers of construction materials and engineering equipment by 50%;
  • detailed and accurate control of  the costs at all phases of creating an object;
  • easy and frequent project alterations.


The working BIM platform proves   its high level of efficiency and great  potential for development even now. A project of creating a common international corporation - operator of cloud service is   is being implemented to  expand businesses related to using application of BIM technology in all aspects of businesses and society at the moment.  It is called „WORLD BIM Service”-“WBS”.

No doubt that business projects  in the field of information technologies are the most profitable projects for investment nowadays. Information today is gas and oil yesterday!

BIM market is predicted to reach $8.7 billion by 2017 and is going to grow at a CAGR of 4%, and by 2022 – $11.8 billion at a CAGR 19.1% ( The number of users will  be more than 5 million all over the world (

 “WBS” in a start-up phasewill operate on the base of such software as ArchiCAD, GRAPHISOFT BIM Server™ ( the number of authorized users about 280000 over the world) and a business model developed by LLC “Alliance of Engineers and Designers”. Our own software will be developed in the nearest future.

The planned investment volume for the implementation of the project  during 3 years will total around $5.5 million, the proceeds are expected to be $20.4 million with 10 000 users.

Year 1 2 3 TOTAL                
Costs $  1 000 000 1 600 000  2 900 000  5 500 000   
Proceeds from access $  2 400 000 4 800 000 9 600 000  16 800 000   
Proceeds from digitisation $ 900 000 1 300 000  1 500 000 3 700 000   
Number of users 2500 5000 10000 Выручка за 3 года
5 500 000

Investors can buy shares in the Charter capital of the newly established company. We are interested in establishing business contacts and long term relations with partners from around the world to promote cloud services of BIM-service - «WORLD BIM SERVICE-WBS» within the territories of the EU, USA, China, India and other countries.


Vitaly Konovalov

Managing partner Director

“Alliance of engineers and designers” LTD.


Vladimir Antonov

Director of BIM-Centre

“Alliance of engineers and designers” LTD.